The ZAMBiDM is envisaged as a tool that would enable ZAMREN member institutions to adapt to the dynamic and revolutionised technological trends that demand the usage of high volume of data classified as Big Data. The success in managing Big Data by the ZAMBiDM would revolutionise the education and research in the ZAMREN community. This is supported by McKinsey Report (2011) which stated that Big Data had the potential to revolutionize not just research, but also education. The establishment of this envisaged tool should extract value from the ZAMBiDM data which would enable the institutions operate at a business level for their economic gain and sustain their academic programmes. This is also supported by the IDC Report which described Big Data technologies as a new generation of technologies and architectures, designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data, by enabling high-velocity capture, discovery, and/or analysis. In view of this, ZAMREN as a consortium composed of various academic institutions, require the use and deployment of state-of-art technologies to effectively process the heterogeneous data drawn from all sectors of economy. This implies that academic institutions should not only operate as non-profit generation entities, but they should also run like industries that sustain their programmes. For instance, tertiary institutions in the sub-Saharan region rely on government funding or support. Hence, this work is envisaged to equip the tertiary institutions with the tools that would allow them manage the operations of their programmes at business level. That’s the ZAMREN member institutions be in a position to implement the data analytic which would help them predict the following: academic performance output, and identifies operational constraints. In that way, the ZAMREN member institutions would be able to map up strategies for improvement of student’s passing rate, generation of funds to sustain the institution programmes, but to mention a few. In fact, the ZAMREN institutions should be in a position to utilise the Big Data management in order independently provide solutions to their existing problems or challenges. This is emphasised by Rock (2011) who pointed out that to acquire solutions for corporate goals, requires the use of business intelligence and data management that would exploit and manipulate strategic actions, organisational capabilities, and enabling technologies. In this way, ZAMREN institutions require the manipulation of the ZAMBiDM Big Data into a business venture for economical gain and yield high student passing rate.

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