Operations Based on Learning Management System

LMS or Learning Management System can be said to be set of software application that assists in the service delivery process of educational system. The significant operations involved in the process of LMS are i) maintaining archives of documentations, ii) tracking the contents, iii) monitoring the administration, and iv) knowledge transfer using online learning tools. This is one of the significant standards of imparting education that manages all the operational aspects of the learning (Alam et al., 2010). Critical operations for the course registration process are handled in this type of operational management along with analysis of skill gap, progress monitoring system, as well as comprehensive reporting system. Majority of the existing operational tools used by the LSM system are web-based for better access to the educational resources as well as effective administration. Adoption of LMS services mostly sought by regulated industries, self-service of student, scheduling e-learning system. It is also used currently for collaborative learning system along with operational management of structuring essential training resources (see Figure 2).

The operational management involved in use of LSM calls for i) designing an interactive website where teachers can communicate with students online and ii) effective database management. However, things have changed in past 5-6 years, where the area of LMS has witnessed the evolution of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). It is basically an online course where there is no conventional registration process based on eligibility criteria of learners just like what exists in conventional educational establishments. It is also an open access and supports enrollment of infinite number of participants. MOOC have drastically changed the

Figure 2. Essential components of LMS

definition of online learning in the present day. The year 2012 have witnessed various MOOC providers e.g. Coursera, edX, Udacity, etc. Table 1 highlights the lists of essential MOOC providers. Conventional LMS system works on video-based learning materials still now, but MOOC uses various forms of pedagogy in the form of different study materials for enriching the educational quality. Some of the ground-breaking advantages of adoption of MOOC is that it provides secure and reliable assessment with globally acclaimed certification, which the learners can gain along with their present commitments.

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