Limitations of the Study and Suggestions for Future Research

It is necessary to specify the limitations of the study. In the present research, only a small number of experts were surveyed. There are many restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, cultural institutions, and so on in St. Petersburg. However, we interviewed only 43 experts. This paucity is due to an unwillingness shown by experts to take part in the research; the majority of them were reluctant to answer questions. Therefore, only a small sample of experts could be further expanded.

The authors plan to study the following aspects of gastronomic branding in their upcoming research efforts: the role of gastronomic branding in determining the general attractiveness of a territory; gastronomic brands of other regions of Russia; characteristics of the potentially mutually advantageous relationships between public catering enterprises and cultural institutions; characteristics of gastronomic enterprises in cultural clusters (e.g., ‘Museum Quarter in St. Petersburg’ case); the role gastronomic enterprises play in theaters and museums in terms of forming the gastronomic brand of a tourist destination.


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