What are polyamorous relationships?

Polyamorous relationships are making a new resurgence in the public! They are gaining attention and sometimes criticism from the lay public and politicians, who rarely know much about their situations and relationships. Polyamorous relationships are relationships in which people engage in openly nonmonogamous relationships with partners. They have also been called "expanded relationships." Some live together, others do not; some share homes and financial responsibilities, whereas others do not; childrearing may also be shared in some situations. The couples tend to have modified sexual boundaries and engage in satisfying sexual relationships with different partners.

Some typical characteristics of the polyamorous person include white, upper to middle class, professionally educated, liberal views, and often engaged in computer-related fields of work or study. Some of the women are bisexual and the men may be bisexual. Ideally, polyamorous relationships are conducted with open awareness and emotional attachments to multiple people.

Polyamorous relationships, in which both men and women can enjoy multiple intimate, loving, and caring relationships that are sexually satisfying, may be deemed more intimate and emotionally connected than the other concept known as "swinging." The number of people who are involved in poly relationships varies and can be two, three, four, or more. The more people that are involved, the more complex the sexual and living situation becomes. Also, with more people involved the relationship is more likely to become unstable. The most common form is the "open relationship" where the couple usually cohabitate and have outside relationships with other people. Triads are perpetual three-ways commonly known as a ménage a trois; quads often form when two couples join together. Quads tend to be unstable and often end in relationship termination.

Other unconventional arrangements in marriages are common and can include "managed monogamy." Some couples may enjoy above-the-waist rules (touching another above the waist line is permissible), don't-ask-don't-tell policies (people in committed relationships may have discrete outside relationships but do not inform their partners), and 50-mile rules (partners cannot engage in outside sexual encounters with anyone within a 50-mile radius of the couple's home town).

Swinging was popular in the 1970s and is when couples engage in partner swapping with other people or couples. A trinogamous relationship is one in which three people have committed to be monogamous with each other. Other couples engage in bringing other partners into their marital bed, and others allow for extramarital affairs with partner consent.

No matter what your arrangement, honesty and communication are key, as is protection from sexually transmitted diseases. These arrangements are not for everyone and may often lead to increased conflict or marital discord.

Should we enter into the sexual fringe?

Entering the fringe, or engaging in what is considered outside normative or conservative sexual practices, may be of interest to you and your partner. It is best to discuss your interests and desires and to formulate a mutually respected and agreed-upon plan of action.

Bondage and leather activities are sometimes considered out of the realm of normative acceptable sexual practices. Normative practices are often defined by the culture to which you ascribe. Increased marital discomfort can occur when one party is ready to enter the fringe and the other is scared, apprehensive, or not interested. Discuss and communicate openly. Honesty about fantasy and sexual exploration is essential.

One way to communicate about entering the sexual fringe is to explore erotic material together as a couple. To spice up a somewhat dull sex life, some try exploring together—a trip to the local video store may be all that you need to spice up and sexually charge your evenings of boredom and ho-hum sex. Most videos can be rented without embarrassment. Some women do not find these types of videos enjoyable and they can affect self-esteem if their partner admires and is excited by the ideal movie starlet. Other couples try magazines, films, or books, and the act of sharing these together may be enlightening.

Honesty about fantasy and sexual exploration is essential.

If you are too concerned about the corner store video arcade, try the Internet or mail order. Some sexually exciting movies include 9V2 Weeks; 10; American Gigolo; Sex, Lies and Videotape; Striptease; and Wild Things. Other soft- or hard-core erotic adult entertainment may also be available and can be viewed together.

Erotic Sexy Striptease Pole Dancing

There is a new exercise plan available: sexy pole-dancing classes and the Striptease Workout. Basically, these types of aerobic classes involve intense exercise and incorporate pole dancing and sexy moves into the routine. During these erotic dances, women gain confidence in their sexuality and sensuality in a comfortable, nonthreatening environment. The inner burlesque is released and eye contact, body language, hip movements, and posing are encouraged.

Typically, different types of dance are also included such as belly dancing, cabaret, and yoga. Women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can enjoy these activities and most do not have a stripper's body. Partners are rather excited when their wives or girlfriends return home, and many are surprised by the interesting results. Check out sfactor.com and dgentertainment.ca. The program allows women to explore sexuality with a sense of humor, and the results of improved sexual intimacy are remarkable.

Some other areas of exploration that can help reduce sexual boredom or expand a sexual repertoire include erotic bars/ night clubs, strip or sex clubs, erotic theaters, body modification/tattooing, visiting a museum of sex, sexual art, dominance and submission role playing, and Russian and Turkish baths. Use your imagination and let your inner sexual desires come to the surface. Discuss and communicate with your partner and explore in a safe, comfortable environment.

Pornography has different meanings for the sexes.

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