Fathers and Sons: Generations, Families and Migration

Researching Intergenerational Families: Conceptual and Methodological MattersTime and generationIntergenerational relations in familiesFatherhoodMigration and fatherhoodThe study and research designFinding the familiesNegotiating the consent of different family membersInterviewing in intergenerational family researchAnalysing intergenerational relations in familiesEncounters with Respondents: Notes from the FieldMaterial circumstances, objects and photographsFormalities, appearances and hospitalityThe presence of othersOff the recordInterviewees' agenda and ethical issuesInterviewing menInterviewing children and young peopleConclusionContexts and Experiences of MigrationContextsResources at migrationRemembering homeExperiences of migration and fatherhood'The future depends on the past and the present' (Terry)Discussion and conclusionsFatherhood and Employment across the Generations (with Ann Mooney)Masculinities and fatherhood over the generationsConfiguring fatherhood across generations: Employment and occupational statusBorys and Janek (quadrant A)Melvyn and Aidan (quadrant B)Barry and Paul (quadrant C)Benedykt and Jozef (quadrant D)Discussion and conclusionsFathers and Sons: Relationships and AmbivalencesKacper and Waldemar: Closeness - a recurring generational narrativeDonald and Hugh: Emotional undercurrents - Echoes across the generationsLewis and Fraser: Fear of emotional expression - Intergenerational change and transformationConclusion and discussionFatherhood and Intergenerational TransmissionTransmission and intergenerational social mobilityTransmission from grandfathers' perspectivesTransmission from fathers' perspectivesWhat was not transmittedJack and RayGeoff and AdamJeremy and ElliotStanislaw and MartynDiscussion and conclusionsFatherhood, Time and the Perspectives of Children and Young People (with Valerie Wigfall)Temporal approaches Everyday timeRelational time and quality timeWorking timeSons' everyday time with dadsSons' relational time with dadsSons' perspectives on dads' working timeRoryCharlieDiscussion and conclusionsTransmission, fatherhood and masculinitiesMigration, time and generationCases and case studyBiographical methods, narratives and time framesFuture directions
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