How to Use This Book

Each chapter is devoted to a specific topic (such as product sourcing or setting up an eBay Store), and there is occasional redundancy where the same question falls into more than one category.

Questions in each chapter are arranged in general-to-specific order. So, for example, Chapter 3, on product sourcing, begins with the basic question "Where do I find stuff to sell on eBay?" As the chapter continues, the questions become more and more specific until you get to the last question, "Where are three places I can score container loads of bobble-head dolls from Korea?" (Just kidding about that one.)

If you get to the end of a chapter and your question still hasn't been answered, it means one of two things: Either your question was too specific to be included in this book or it isn't a common question that's being asked by lots of other eBayers. Go now to the appendixes at the end of this book, where you will find:

• A list of resources where (perhaps) you can get the answer to your unique question (Appendix A).

• A step-by-step guide for finding the answer you need on the eBay website (Appendix B).

• If you believe that you really, truly must submit your question to the entire eBay community in the eBay Community Answer Center or a discussion board, a list of Ten Things to Do Before You Post Your Question on eBay (Appendix C) to make sure you don't make a fool of yourself. (Whenever I meet an eBayer I don't like—a very rare occurrence—I say to them, "May you someday find yourself the subject of a discussion thread in the eBay Community section.")

If all else fails and you still don't have your answer, and your question is (in my humble opinion) truly unique, novel, state-of-the-art, and envelope-pushing, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , and I will either answer your question or refer you to an eBay expert who can help you. Be warned, however: Your question (and answer) may appear in my nationally syndicated newspaper column and will almost certainly appear in the next edition of this book.

A Word About Legal and Tax Information

A lot of questions in this book deal with legal and tax issues affecting eBay sellers and the eBay community generally. I have discussed most of these at greater length in The eBay Seller's Tax and Legal Answer Book (AMACOM Books, 2007, $19.95), and I suggest readers look there for more detailed and thorough answers than are possible in an FAQ book like this one.

Any legal and tax information in this book is strictly for educational purposes and is not to be relied on as legal or tax advice, which can be given only by a lawyer or tax professional who is licensed to practice in your state.

A Final Word Before We Launch

This is a book about selling on eBay; this is not a book by eBay. I am not an eBay employee, I speak for eBay University as an independent consultant. Neither eBay, PayPal (an eBay company), nor any of their employees has reviewed, vetted, approved, or authorized anything in this book. While many of the questions addressed in The eBay Business Answer Book have cropped up (many, many times) in eBay's Community section, I have rephrased them in my own words (to avoid invading anyone's privacy or infringing on anyone's copyright) and have either provided my own best answer to the question or asked a leading eBay expert to give his or her best answer to the question. The names of these experts appear throughout this book and in the Acknowledgments, and I'm grateful to all of them for their help and support.

"Subject to the foregoing," as we lawyers say, The eBay Business Answer Book is entirely my doing, and I am solely responsible for its contents.

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