Current Status of CIMIC Positions in Norway

At the moment (June 2013) there are four (4) CIMIC (NATO defined) positions in the Norwegian military. Located in the Norwegian Land Army Warfare Centre (HVS), one position at the rank of Major is allotted to curriculum development and design, including support for international training. In Norway’s only Brigade, Brigade North, there is one CIMIC position located in the G9 branch,[1] this is the Branch Chief who has the rank of Major. One position at the rank of Lieutenant

Colonel is located in the National Joint Headquarters (FOH) in operational planning, and finally there is one Lieutenant Colonel position as CIMIC Instructor at the Military Staff College (FSTS). The G9 Branch in Brigade North was recently reduced from two officers to one, as well as reduced in rank.[2] At the moment, the G9 branch will likely be eliminated, placing a CIMIC officer under the G5, for long term planning. This ensures that civil-military interaction will no longer be included as an equal amongst the branch chiefs in the Brigade. The position in HVS, in charge of training and education for CIMIC, will be reduced from Major to Captain. The position of CIMIC Instructor at the Staff College was threatened to be eliminated, but instead performs a dual role in CIMIC and Gender. The position in the National Headquarters is also slated to be moved under the J5 designation. The significance of rank reductions means that the Norwegian armed forces believe that CIMIC can be led by lesser experienced/qualified people, who might also have less operational experience. The elimination of possibly more positions amongst a vulnerable four, provides fairly conclusive evidence that Norway is not planning improvements in this specialized function for civil-military competency, but slowly but surely the opposite.

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  • [1] G1-G9 distinguishes between different functions/specialities: G1 human resources; G2 Intelligence; G3 operations; G4 logistics; G5 long term planning; G6 Communicationand Information Systems; G7 Education and Training; G8 Economy and Budget ; G9 civil-military cooperation.
  • [2] All other branches, G1-G8, retain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel for the BranchChief. Only the G9 Branch will be reduced to Major, and it is the only branch to be mannedby only one person.
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