Neglect and Antisocial Behavior in Victim

Only a subset of these studies parcel out the specific effects of neglect. The vast majority of these have reported significant associations between neglect and general delinquency (Grogan-Kaylor & Otis, 2003; Haapasalo & Moilanen, 2004; Hahm et al., 2010; Henggeler, McKee, & Borduin, 1989; Maxfield & Widom, 1996; Widom, 1989b; Widom & Maxfield, 2001; Zingraff, Leiter, Johnsen, & Myers, 1994). In addition, many others have found that neglect is associated with violence (Carter et al., 1988; Chapple et al., 2005; Fang & Corso, 2007; Haapasalo & Moilanen, 2004; Maxfield & Widom, 1996; Mersky & Reynolds, 2007; Straus & Savage, 2005). Widom (1989c) originally surprised everyone by reporting that while 15.8% of her physically abused sample had incurred an arrest for a violent offense, a comparable 12.5% of the neglected subjects were also later arrested for violent crimes. There are studies that have not found associations between neglect and violence (e.g., Cusick et al., 2012; Haapasalo & Moilanen, 2004), but they are much fewer in number.

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