How to cancel listing on ebay

Figure describes How to cancel listing on ebay

Withdrawal of Listing by Seller

Q: "I put something up for sale on eBay last week and then discovered it had a flaw. Can I pull the listing?"

A: As long as there are twelve hours or more remaining in the listing, eBay allows you to terminate the listing by canceling each of the bids placed up to that time. Instructions for doing so are set out at early.html as follows:

If you cannot complete your listing as planned, you can end your listing before the scheduled date. If there are bids on your item, you can cancel them.

Reasons for ending listings early include:

• The item is no longer available for sale.

• There was an error in the starting price or reserve amount.

• There was an error in the listing.

• The item was lost or broken.

Note: Your account will still be charged listing fees (such as the Insertion Fee) if you end your listing early. Consider revising your listing first if there are aspects of it you want to change or improve.

However, sellers are not permitted to cancel bids and end listings early in order to avoid selling an item that did not meet the desired sale price. This is considered to be reserve fee circumvention, and eBay is almost certain to investigate this if your reason for shutting down a listing early isn't a darned good one.

Q: "I posted something for sale on eBay last week and there are less than twelve hours remaining. I just realized I made a mistake in the item description. Can I terminate the listing now and make apologies to my buyers?"

A: It's a lot more difficult to terminate a listing on eBay that has fewer than twelve hours to go. The eBay policy on this point says:

When there are 12 hours or less remaining and the item has a winning bid, including a reserve met bid, sellers cannot make any changes to the listing, including:

• Ending the item early. Sellers may cancel bids, but not end the item.

• Adding to or changing the item description.

Note: Canceling bids or making changes to a listing with bids when there are 12 hours or less remaining, can damage the buyer experience and can undermine trust in the marketplace.

You can still cancel bids, which will effectively terminate the listing, but you have to have a darned good reason for doing this.

Q: "I put something up for sale on eBay last week. Several bids were placed on the item, but then I received an e-mail from a buyer offering me twice the highest bid amount if I pull the auction and sell to him off of eBay. Can I do that?"

A: No. This is someone offering to buy an item off of eBay, which is strictly prohibited—see

If your auction is a reserve auction and the item does not sell because the reserve has not been met, consider relisting the item as a Buy It Now! (fixed-price) listing at this buyer's proposed price, then e-mailing him to let him know that the item is legally available on eBay for the price he wants. That's really the only way to accept the buyer's offer without violating eBay policies.

Q: "I put something up for sale on eBay last week. Several bids were placed on the item, but they're not very exciting. I received an e-mail message from someone wanting to pay a reasonable price for the item. I'm not sure I want to sell to him off of eBay, so I'm thinking I should terminate the auction, relist the item as a Buy It Now!, and notify the buyer promptly so he can snap it up. Will that get me into trouble?"

A: Probably not. In order to close the listing early, you have to cancel each bidder's bid, which means having to explain to them why you're doing that. As long as you don't make a regular practice of this, however, you shouldn't get into too much hot water on eBay. As long as you are relisting the item on eBay as a Buy It Now! listing, eBay is getting their fees, which is what they are primarily concerned about.

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