Scatter-Site Apartment Housing: Pathways to Housing, Rural Vermont

Based on the belief that housing is a human right, and valuing consumer choice, Pathways to Housing employs a housing-first approach to assist homeless individuals with severe psychiatric disability and addictions to locate safe and affordable market-rate housing. Housing is provided with no preconditions and is independent from services. Service engagement is guided by client choice. Pathways staff have ongoing relationships with 85 landlords who can provide affordable apartments in seven rural communities. Staff are available to residents to help with property maintenance, navigate landlord relationships, and deal with other issues related to tenancy. Case management teams work in specific geographic areas to maximize efficiency, and the use of technology facilitates responsiveness when travel may be difficult. Tele-health consultation supplements inperson visits for mental health, medical, and substance abuse problems (Stefancic et al., 2013). Regional multidisciplinary specialists foster connections to educational and employment opportunities to facilitate community engagement. Individuals hold the lease to the housing unit and pay 30 percent of their income toward rent and utilities. Sources of funding for Pathways include the Vermont Department of Mental Health, the Vermont Department of Corrections, and the United Way (

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