Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond: The Role of the EU and Its Member States

Outline of the ChaptersReferencesA Paradigm Shift in Environmental Criminal LawIntroductionTraditional Enforcement ApproachThe Place of Environmental Criminal LawAdministrative Dependence of the Criminal LawCriminal Law as Primary InstrumentTwo Doctrinal MovesEnvironmental Protection through Criminal Law?Do We Have the Right Regime?DataPolicy ChangesCouncil of Europe ConventionEU Environmental Crime DirectiveDomestic LevelThe Place of Environmental Criminal LawAdministrative DependenceAdministrative Penal LawConcluding RemarksReferencesLegislative DocumentsVictims in the 'Land of Fires': Illegal Waste Disposal in the Campania Region, ItalyIntroductionFraming the IssueWhat Is the Crime in Question?Who Is Responsible for the Crimes in Question?Who Are the Victims?How Has the Illegal Burning and Burying of Toxic Waste Been Enforced or Prevented?The Campania Waste Disaster in ContextThe Epidemiological Controversy in CampaniaResearch Design and MethodologyThe Role of Victims in the Land of Fires: Preliminary Results from the Affiliation Network AnalysisConclusionsReferencesTackling Illegal Fisheries: The Role of Rights-Based ManagementIntroductionThe Definition of the Environmental CrimeImpacts of Environmental Crime: The Impacts of IUU FishingRegulation of Fisheries in EU WatersFactors Affecting ComplianceRights-Based Management as an Approach to Reduce Illegal ActivityConclusionsReferencesWildlife Trafficking: Harms and VictimizationIntroductionA Brief Overview of the Illegal Wildlife TradeGreen Criminology PerspectiveMethodologyVictimsAnimal VictimizationHuman VictimizationOffendersOffender MotivationFormal and Informal Reactions to Wildlife Victims and OffendersRules and RegulationsEnforcementProsecution and SanctionsInformal Prevention and ControlConcluding Thoughts/RecommendationsReferencesIllegal Shipments of E-waste from the EU to ChinaIntroductionWhat Is the Environmental Crime in Question?The Nature of the Illegal ActivityThe Extent of the Illegal ActivityOverview of Key Actors InvolvedMotivations and Drivers behind the Illegal E-waste ShipmentsWho Are the Victims and What Is the Harm They Suffer?Overview of Key Groups of VictimsKey Environmental and Human Health ImpactsEnvironmental Impacts in ChinaHuman Health Impacts in ChinaHow Do Law Enforcement Agencies React to These Crimes?The EU Legal Framework and Its Effectiveness and EnforcementChinese E-waste Legislation and Policies and Their EffectivenessConclusions: Policy Implications and RecommendationsReferencesThe EU Action to Protect the Environment in Kosovo and to Fight Environmental CrimeIntroductionThe EU and the Protection of the Environment in KosovoKosovo and Environmental CrimeIllegal Waste in KosovoIllegal Logging in KosovoBiodiversity and Environmental CrimesThe Victims of Environmental CrimeConclusionsReferencesArmenia: A Case Study on MiningIntroductionOverview of the CaseGovernment InstitutionsPrivate ActorsForeign and International ActorsCost-Benefit Analysis of Mining in ArmeniaDomestic and International LegislationLaw Enforcement and AdjudicationThe EU's Role in Combating Environmental CrimeConclusions and Policy ImplicationsReferencesInterview ListIntroductionAnatomy of Environmental CrimeOffenders and Their MotivesVictims and Harms SufferedLaw Enforcement and Crime PreventionThe Way ForwardReferences
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