e-Government development goals of effective service delivery, increased transparency, and accountability through the free flow of information hinge on a proper information management infrastructure. e-Government has led to an increase in the information that government institutions need to manage well, in order to ensure that it is secure, authentic, and reliable. It further requires doing away with the hierarchical structures and embracing BPM approaches that will create efficiences and promote the sharing of information among government institutions. Effective information management is quite central to e-Government development. The emerging complex environment requires collaboration among different disciplines and hence competences that will deal with the legal, informational and security issues and systems challenges. Appropriate procedures, processes, and systems are considered necessary to provide and maintain trustworthy information for long-term in order to promote long-term transparency. If information is to be used as a national resource it has to be well planned for, structured and its entire continuum has to be managed.

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