Electronic records management systems

The development of new information technologies and organizational forms require the integration of records management. Combined, complex and automated e-services and interdepartmental cooperation will necessitate the establishment of methods and systems to guarantee compatibility and the usage of electronic records (Sundberg & Wallin, 2005). In organizations where employees manage records in an ad-hoc manner and use technologies not suitable for reinforcing good records management practices, there is a risk for lost productivity and increased storage and maintenance costs. Deploying the right systems to manage electronic records is crucial to the maintenance of authentic records. The functional requirements placed on Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS) are listed in the International Council on Archives publication entitled “Principals and Functional Requirements for Records” in Electronic Office Environments. Module 2 Guidelines and Functional Requirements for ERMS that is freely available on the Internet (International Council on Archives, 2008a). ERMS should ensure the effective capture, maintenance and retrieval of records and are supposed to maintain the characteristics of a record that are: authenticity, reliability, completeness, and integrity.

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