Business process management

Another prescribed factor which can strongly influence the effectiveness of ECM is business process management. The analysis of business processes enables the identification of critical business information and helps organizations to improve business operations in their entirety focusing on the input, output, the customer, and the value of the output (Hammer & Champy, 1995).

Change management

Change is inevitable in today’s business world and once instituted, it is important that the reasons for change are effectively communicated to the personnel (Rockley, Kostur, & Manning, 2003). In order to achieve change, flexibility and responsiveness are key but this in turn requires organizational change capabilities, strong leadership, change in organizational culture and values, and a focus on customer service (Sundberg, 2006). McGreevy (2003) points out that difficulties in managing organizations through a transition should not to be underestimated. Individuals can react to changes in many ways and while some are positive, others are negative. The line managers have a crucial role to play by providing relevant explanations and information and involving those affected. This is critical to the successful implementation of change. Research on project and information systems implementation shows that top management support is a critical factor if a project is to succeed (McGreevy, 2003; Sundberg, 2006; Young & Jordan, 2008).

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