ECM is considered to be a relatively new concept and field. The literature that discusses it from a scientific point of view is only emerging. A few of the identified articles are based on formal research. The majority of the papers identified were either written by practitioners within the information technology industry or scientists in the Information Systems discipline. The ECM approach promotes knowledge management, change management, collaboration, business process management, system integration, enterprise architecture, and the life cycle management of information. Based on the literature review, one could argue ECM’s potential lies in promoting the above-mentioned aspects of an enterprise-wide information management approach. It further focuses on all content in an organization whereas records management has focused on the management of authentic records. During the literature review exercise, the researcher identified two articles discussing ECM and written by scholars from the Archives and Information Science field. There is not much discourse going on between archivists/records managers and the ECM proponents. This demonstrates the need for Archives and Information Science scholars to engage in the ECM discourse. This would maintain the role that records management plays in organizations and society at large, but would also uphold the records management principles. It further demonstrates the need for more formal research in the area.

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