The study on the information management strategies of the two Swedish municipalities

In order to establish the differences between the ECM and RM, the author undertook a comprehensive literature review on both information constructs as demonstrated in Chapters 2 and 3, Records Management; Enterprise Content Management. She also carried out a study on the information management strategies of two Swedish municipalities to establish whether ECM was a known phenomenon and if the information management strategies of the municipalities were similar to it. This study was carried out between May and June 2010, and examined the management of structured and unstructured information: business process analysis; enterprise architecture; information management systems; e-Government development and e-services; organizational changes; effective information management; collaboration; information dissemination; repurposing of information; information overload; knowledge capture; and long-term preservation of information. A total of 18 interview schedules were sent out by email and 17 responses were received. The targeted administrative managers who could not participate recommended a person they thought was suitable. The three people who were recommended were IT Strategists/information officers from municipality A. The study particularly focused on administrative managers because they can make decisions and hence institute change and, additionally, information and records management issues require top management support (Shepherd & Yeo, 2003).

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