Consistency in Actions and Reactions

Employees depend on consistency in actions from their leadership team in addressing organization issues. This does not mean that the employees are expecting things to remain the same. Consistency can help enhance accountability, establishes the reputation of the leadership team, and add credibility to the message that is being delivered as well as the person delivering the message. A manager who is consistent in actions will be viewed as easier to trust and follow. The willingness of workers to follow management's directions and instructions is critical when implementing new technologies, processes, or policies. Followership is a critical factor in implementing and sustaining Lean process improvement and a critical factor in the change management process. Effective leaders are able to inspire people to follow.

Human Resource Policies and Practices

Human resource policies are a significant contributor that sets the stage for the culture of the organization. These policies can determine and often represent the mind-set of the management team through policy development and implementation. Once policies have been developed and approved, consistent implementation across the board is a must. In addition, management must himself or herself ensure that he or she is setting the expectations through being an example and adhering to the policies and procedures set by the organization. Workers in most cases follow the policies and procedures if they believe that the management team is the first partaker even if they do not fully support the policies and procedures.

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