Communication Strategy

Communication skills are critical in every interaction at all levels on a daily basis, and communicating effectively in the workplace is critical to the success of business whether communicating with coworkers, colleagues, or customers. Individuals who are informed are generally more trusting of their management, colleagues, and confident in their contribution to the business. On the other hand, in an environment where poor communication exists, team members can become disgruntled, deadline can be missed, and there can be a potential increase in employee turnover. When communication flows, knowledge is shared and issues are addressed. When a company does not communicate well, information becomes stove piped and does not flow freely. In this type of environment, the rumor mill is quite active and potentially disruptive.

Each organization should have a communication strategy that describes the rules of engagement when it comes to various types of communication within the company as well as external to the company. It is just as important to have a strategy to communicate how Lean will be implemented within the organization and the need for employees to be actively engaged in the process.

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