Evaluating Employee Engagement

Before implementing Lean, it may be valuable to evaluate the level of employee engagement found within the organization. The knowledge gained from this evaluation can be instrumental in assisting with the strategy to implement Lean. In addition, the knowledge gained can serve as a tool to aid in modification of the Lean implementation strategy and in the way feedback is solicited and provided to and received from employees.

There are two primary means by which employees can be surveyed to determine if the appropriate level of employee engagement is available to successfully implement a new process, procedure, or technology. The two means are through surveys or focus group discussions. We will discuss the two methods in more detail in Sections 4.13.1 and 4.13.2.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Today employers use employee engagement surveys to measure employee beliefs or perceptions on things such as passion for work, the value and inclusion of their ideas, and ideals by management as it pertains to getting the work done among other elements. Many companies frequently administer employee engagement surveys on a routine basis such as annually. As a result, there are many such surveys available for use. Some of these surveys have been validated and have reliability data to demonstrate survey repeatability. Care must be taken when choosing a survey that has been developed versus developing your own survey. An important aspect of survey selection or development is to ensure that the appropriate questions are asked. A set of questions that can be considered for use in an employee engagement survey is included in Table 4.2, and a survey questionnaire is documented in Chapter 11.

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