Environmental Health and Safety Training

Many federal, state, and local regulations require training of workers before placing them in a job-related role in an organization. In fact, some of these regulations are so specific that they provide an outline of exactly what the employee should be trained on as well as the frequency for the training. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that workers receive the training necessary to aid them in performing their job responsibilities efficiently and safely. An effective training program not only addresses the gap in training the new workers, it should also be effective in training current workers on how to perform new tasks, improve their leadership skills, or prepare them to take on different roles in the organization.

Health and Medical Services

Access to medical care for workers is a natural part of ensuring that their health is not being negatively impacted by their work environment. In an environment where workers are exposed to chemical, physical, or biological agents, a medical program is a must. Also, some of the regulations designed to protect workers from workplace hazards require employees to be medically monitored or to be placed in a medical surveillance program to ensure that the workplace is not impacting worker health. Whether a company has an internal health clinic or a contract with an external health provider, access to medical care is necessary for employees and is an integral part of a corporate program.

Radiation Safety Program

Not all business will need a full-blown radiation protection program. In fact, unless a company is competing in the nuclear or medical industry, it probably will not need an extensive radiation protection program. Many companies that have small radiation sources or conduct research with low level radioactive products may address safety of workers as a part of another program. For example, some organizations address the safety of nonionizing radiation exposures as a part of their WSH program.

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