Environment Health and Safety Programs Value Proposition

In today's safety conscious workplace coupled with the many EH&S laws that have been passed to protect the workers and the environment, workplace safety is at the forefront of getting work done. However, some leaders are still viewing the EH&S component of the company program as a use of funds that can be contributed to other processes or products. On the other hand, some leaders have discovered that an effective EH&S program is worth the investment, and they continue to contribute to improvement in the program. The outcome of their investments has included the following at a minimum:

  • • Reduction of injuries and illness
  • • Reduction in the cost associated with injuries and illness
  • • Lower experience modification rates (EMR)
  • • Lower worker compensation costs
  • • Increase in confidence of workers, stakeholders, and customers

The leaders who are supportive of an effective EH&S program have been on the receiving end of dealing with and recovering from accidents that impacted workers and their families. They are too familiar with the issues that accompany accidents that go beyond dealing with the injuries and the cost associated with a potential stop work for the process that was involved in the accident.

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