Worker Interviews

Workers were interviewed to ascertain how they performed the task and to gain an insight into the difficulties they faced in completing the task. The workers willingly provided insights into task performance and ideas on what they thought could be done to improve the process used as well as what can be done to eliminate the ergonomic- and chemical-handling hazards. Workers answered questions such as

  • 1. Describe the process used in completing the task.
  • 2. Do you have all of the tools required to perform the task safely?
  • 3. How often do you perform this task?
  • 4. How long does it take to perform the task?
  • 5. How often is it necessary to place yourself in an awkward position to complete the task?
  • 6. How often is it necessary to lift containers weighing more than 25 pounds?
  • 7. What are some of the issues encountered during task performance?
  • 8. Are you experiencing health issues as a result of performing the task? If so, what type of health issues?
  • 9. How can we improve the safety of the task performed?
  • 10. How do we add value for the customer?
  • 11. What recommendation can you provide on ways to improve performance of the task?

The answers to these questions formed the basis for many of the process improvement activities and changes embarked upon to improve safety, efficiency, and increase customer value.

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