Infrastructure Consultative Committee

The Infrastructure Consultative Committee was set up in 2006 to facilitate discussions on the broad issues of infrastructure and infrastructure regulation. The committee was selected to be representative of the diversity of infrastructure interests and includes representatives from energy, telecommunication, water, rail, ports, and airports. This committee also fits well with the overall ACCC commitment to transparency encouraging greater visibility across the various infrastructure sectors and demonstrating the ACCC’s regulatory approach and broader philosophy of economic regulation.

The committee is an important mechanism for the ACCC to gain feedback from stakeholders in the infrastructure sector. Operational issues and the specifics of decisions that are before the ACCC and AER are not the focus of this committee. Rather, the emphasis is on issues in the practice of regulation that cross the different infrastructure sectors.

Wholesale Telecommunications Consultative Forum

The Wholesale Telecommunications Consultative Forum was established in 2012 to provide an opportunity for meaningful dialogue between the ACCC and the telecommunications industry. It also provides information to increase the ACCC’s understanding of structural separation and migration issues and to assist the ACCC in undertaking its roles under the CCA and Telecommunications Act 1997. A range of wholesale telecommunications industry participants and other interested parties have been invited to the forum to ensure a wide range of relevant views are represented.

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