Co-ordination and collaboration with the public health authority

The public health authority normally has responsibility for the general co-ordination and planning of activities promoting health, preventing disease, and providing health care. Its duties may involve legislation, guidance, co-ordination and monitoring. It should intervene in the protection of public health, in the prevention of diseases and in health promotion. In addition it should aim to identify and control risk factors in situations which may cause or increase serious harm to the health of the citizens or that of particular population clusters, as may be the case with the water and waste services.

Co-ordination and collaboration with the consumer protection authority

The consumer protection authority normally has the responsibility of contributing towards the development and enforcement of national consumer protection policy and law. It aims to ensure a high level of protection for all consumers, particularly through monitoring the activity of consumer associations; arbitration centres for consumer conflicts; other extrajudicial resolution mechanisms for these conflicts; and consumer information centres.

It should be noted while the responsibility of this authority in the promotion of consumer protection takes place within the framework of services in general, particularly essential public services, the economic regulation and quality of service under the responsibility of the regulator seeks to safeguard the rights and interests of all users of water and waste services. This corresponds to a wider group than that of just consumers, including all users, particularly commercial and industrial bodies.

ERSARS’s activities are also carried out within a more integrated

framework, bringing an economic and environmental sustainability perspective to the assessment of the services.

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