Hedmark-Dalarna cross-border innovation policy mix

No cross-border policies cover Hedmark-Dalarna, there are only a few projects funded by the European Territorial Co-operation programme. These are forums and demonstration platforms in domains such as green energy (FEM project), the tourism sector (SITE) or at the intersection between the two sectors (GREEN 2020).

Table 5.7. Cross-border policy instruments: Hedmark-Dalarna



Strategy and policy development

Benchmarking and policy learning

Analytical exercise (mapping of clusters or value chains, technology foresight exercises)


Joint branding of cross-border area


R&D support

Joint public research programmes

Joint research infrastructure, shared access to research facilities

Cross-border private R&D funding programmes (generic and thematic)

Technology transfer and innovation support

Cross-border innovation advisory services (vouchers, intermediaries)

Advisory to spin-off and knowledge-intensive start-ups

Other technology transfer centres and extension programmes

Science & technology parks and innovation networks

Cross-border science, technology parks and incubators

Cluster or network networks initiatives

FEM network on renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment and GREEN 2020 in energy savings for ski resorts

Table 5.7. Cross-border policy instruments in Hedmark-Dalarna (cont.)



Human capital

Scholarships/student exchanges

Joint university or other higher education programmes

UNISKA university network (covering Inner Scandinavia), specific co-operation between the University Colleges of Hedmark and Dalarna

Talent attraction, retention or mobility scheme; cross-border labour market assistance

Other instruments

Financing (venture capital funds or angel networks)

Public procurement


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