Recommendations for cross-border innovation policies in Helsinki-Tallinn

Cross-border area: Extend the definition of the cross-border area to Helsinki-Estonia, branded as an “entrepreneurial knowledge region ”

  • • Extend the area to include the whole of Estonia.
  • • Brand the area as an “entrepreneurial knowledge region”.

Governance: Improve governance mechanisms to include a new “innovation” direction, reinforce the co-ordination function and bring in relevant actors

  • • Involve national governments to raise the profile of cross-border activities.
  • • Integrate the triple helix of actors in the governance of the cross-border area.
  • • Further develop the joint work of the two national R&D and Innovation Councils.
  • • Underpin cross-border innovation policy efforts with a stronger policy intelligence function that provides the relevant analysis and data.

Innovation policies and instruments: Mainstream cross-border innovation into national programmes and focus on impacts and results in areas of strong expertise

  • • Mainstream cross-border policies in the work of Enterprise Estonia and Tekes (Finland).
  • • Focus on results and impacts as a next step from the current co-operation platforms.
  • • Encourage opportunities in joint development of e-society applications where skills in the cross-border area are particularly strong, among other priorities, for an overall strategy.
  • • Further develop the collaboration on entrepreneurship between incubators, technology centres, universities and venture capital funds.


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