Recommendations for cross-border innovation policies in the Oresund

Cross-border area: Continue to remove barriers that limit further integration and build on the Oresund identity and brand

  • • Continue to remove barriers for cross-border student and labour mobility, the core of the Oresund co-operation, which requires national action.
  • • Further develop the Oresund internal identity and external brand.
  • • Expand cross-border statistics and analyses to capture the innovation dimension.

Governance: Ensure the ORUS vision’s action plan is implemented, with innovation as a priority, cultivating greater engagement from national governments and the private sector

  • • Transform the ORUS vision and recent action plan into a reality with key partners, including universities and industry.
  • • Place a greater focus on innovation (in a broad sense) among the multiple development visions for the Oresund, including jointly defined priority areas.
  • • Clarify the incentives for national authorities to increase their role in achieving the goals of the Oresund Committee.
  • • Engage more actively the private sector in strategy and programme development to accompany a greater emphasis on innovation.

Innovation policies and instruments: Align or mainstream cross-border elements in respective national and regional programmes, building on cross-border specialisations and highlighting firm impacts

  • • Align relevant national and regional innovation policies and, if possible, mainstream cross-border participation (making participants from the other region eligible for funding), to ensure funding sources are better adapted to cross-border innovation needs.
  • • Develop more detailed knowledge of cross-border resources to support networks and clusters with the greatest cross-border potential, including cleantech and healthcare.
  • • Prioritise projects and initiatives which are most likely to lead to impacts for firms, including cross-border business incubators, science parks and innovation support services.
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