Corporate Finance

Compounded versus simple interestPresent valueFuture valuePrinciple of value additivityNet present valuePerpetuities and annuitiesNominal and real rates of interestValuing bonds using present value formulasValuing stocks using present value formulasThe net present value investment ruleRisk, return and opportunity cost of capitalRisk and risk premiaThe effect of diversification on riskMeasuring market riskPortfolio risk and returnPortfolio variancePortfolio's market riskPortfolio theoryCapital assets pricing model (CAPM)Alternative asset pricing modelsArbitrage pricing theoryConsumption betaThree-Factor ModelCapital budgetingCost of capital with preferred stocksCost of capital for new projectsAlternative methods to adjust for riskCapital budgeting in practiceWhat to discount?Calculating free cash flowsValuing businessesWhy projects have positive NPVMarket efficiencyTests of the efficient market hypothesisWeak formSemi-strong formStrong formClassical stock market anomalies Behavioural financeCorporate financing and valuationDebt characteristicsEquity characteristicsDebt policyDoes the firm's debt policy affect firm value?Debt policy in a perfect capital marketHow capital structure affects the beta measure of riskHow capital structure affects company cost of capitalCapital structure theory when markets are imperfectIntroducing corporate taxes and cost of financial distressThe Trade-off theoryThe pecking order theory of capital structureA final word on Weighted Average Cost of CapitalDividend policyDividend payments in practiceStock repurchases in practiceHow companies decide on the dividend policyDoes the firm's dividend policy affect firm value?Why dividend policy may increase firm valueWhy dividend policy may decrease firm valueOptionsOption valueWhat determines option value?Option pricingBinominal method of option pricingBlack-Scholes Model of option pricingReal optionsExpansion optionTiming optionAbandonment optionFlexible production optionPractical problems in valuing real optionsWeighted average cost capital
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