The global economic division of labor

In contrast to the international division of labor, this division of labor is not "between the two countries," but "inside" of transnational corporations, that is, interoperate.

Global economic division of labor is an extraterritorial nature. It cannot be represented (as the international division of labor) on a territorial basis and in the forms of public -private division of labor. In contrast to the international division of labor, is a technological division of labor in the production on the basis of a single division (that is internal to multinational corporations) in the form of transnational cooperation and specialization of production. Single production process is divided into transactions carried out in different countries. The partial product that is produced in one country or another, has no use value out of itransnational organized process of production.

The activities of transnational corporations as one of the organizational forms of global economic division of labor provides regular circulation on a planetary scale of goods, services, financial and natural resources, knowledge, technology and management experience. Through participation in the transnational division of labor, the national economy has direct access to the world market of goods and capital, new technologies and modern management

Transnational specialization and cooperation

Forms of transnational division of labor are intra-corporate specialization and intra-corporate production cooperation.

Intra-corporate specialization is carried out not in the context of national economies, and inside the transnational economy, which does not recognize national boundaries and considers the world as a global economic space. This is form, mainly of the constituent parts and technological division of labor.

This product is manufactured by enterprises of one or several multinational corporations that tend to occupy a niche market and become the main suppliers of niche products that meet the world's total demand. Such corporations are called as usual patients. Intra-corporate cooperation is characterized by: cooperation in the field of research development, cooperation of industrial companies with "science parks" or technopolis, the implementation of joint programs and joint ventures.

The world economy as a supranational space

World division of labor forms the world economy as a supranational world economic space, which constitutes a second, more adequate concept of the "world economy" level of global economic relations.

An single global economic space - a multinational business environment, in which there are common economic, technological, legal and socio-cultural requirements for the subjects of industrial and commercial activities

The world community is still in the early formation of a single world economic space. It is still graded on numerous stages unity.

From the outset, one of the world economic space claimed at the regional level as the union of groups of countries into regional alliances (e.g. the European Union), and at the global level - as the activities of TNCs on a planetary scale . Formed on the basis of a worldwide division of labor, a single global economic space are drawn into the orbit of national economy and their subsystems , thereby laying the foundations for a global economic integration of the countries of the world community. This occurs as the creation of certain conditions in the countries: information technology, social market economy, the internationalization of the legal and socio-cultural norms, etc.

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