Structure of a single world economic space

The main essential subsystems of the world economy in the second level should be considered:

• technology;

• economic;

• legal;

• socio-cultural.

What exactly are these subsystems?

Technological i subsystem

The technological system - a set of requirements, mposed by the STR, and which provide competitive in the lobal market. These technology requirements can be reduced to basic parameters:

• the nature of information and computer technology;

• research intensity;

• resource-saving, waste-free and environmentally friendly type of technology;

• biotech, we have the technology, which is based on natural processes. These parameters provide maintaining world-class efficiency, productivity, quality and novelty products, implementation of the principles of modern management. The implementation of these requirements is virtually impossible and ineffective under separate national technology spaces.

Economic subsystem

The economic system - is a common economic space of free movement of goods and services, capital and labor, and information across the borders of nation-states, and the free interchange of national currencies.

Economic subsystem is formed as the development and implementation of uniform standards for international trade, production and investment and monetary affairs

The common economic space also provides for uniform rules and standards of the organization and management of international processes embodied in the principles of international management.

As a mandatory component of the economic infrastructure subsystem of the world economy should contain a single scientific information space.

As part of a single economic space regulation of the economic life of the international community is based on socially-oriented market economy and corrective functions of TNCs, transnational banks, international and supranational institutions

Legal subsystem

The legal system - is the reduction of the general rules of business law and the norms of business behavior. They form a single legal framework, as the creation of rules of private international, civil and patent law. The trend of further convergence of legal systems of the States, which extends to human rights, lays the foundation for global legal space.

Socio-cultural subsystem

Socio-cultural subsystem is formed much more slowly nd contradictory than other subsystems of the single world economic space. The process of formation of the unique social and cultural environment provides:

• achieving a high general standard of living and reducing disparities between "rich" and "poor" countries. Created for this purpose the EU structural funds, various United Nations trust funds;

• one approach to social policy;

• formation of new thinking, breaking the old way of thinking;

• developing common standards of business conduct and ethics in management;

• peaceful decision of national and international problems

The multidimensionality of the world economic system

Each of the subsystems of the world economy (technological, economic, legal, social and cultural) -is a specific.

These systems have their own logic of development, its own subsystem, but they function as elements of the whole organism - a common supranational world economic space. The imbalance in the operation of any of the subsystems influences the state of the whole system.

In combination technological, economic, legal, social and cultural subsystems are equal and interchangeable. Once and for all this determinative and dominant subsystem in the development of the world economy is not, it depends on the selection or the specific circumstances that make one or the other side of the defining, or from the target set, a specific task, in terms of a meta-study of the world economy. This is the essence of multi-dimensionality of the world economy.

Thus, the system of the world economy has two levels:1) the world economy as a collection of national economies;2) the world economy as a supranational regional economic space and transnational (global) levels. Each of the levels by itself does not show the entire range of the relationship of the world economic system. Each level captures a certain aspect of the economic life of the world community, a facet of his nature.

Analysis of the formation of the world economy as a whole system makes it possible to determine the place of international economic relations in the world economic system, to define the subject of the course "International economic relations".

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