Cycles in US Foreign Policy since the Cold War

Searching for Cycles in the PastCycles Before the End of the Cold WarPost-Cold War Foreign Policy Cycles in BriefNotesGeorge Herbert Walker Bush: A Disorderly WorldForeign Policy Cycles after 1989George Herbert Walker Bush and the Soviet DisintegrationBush: The Military InterventionistOperation Just Cause in PanamaNotesGeorge H.W. Bush: Interventionism UnboundBush and the Hatching a TroublemakerA Rogue StrikesA Shield in the DesertA Desert Storm UnleashedAn Armed Peace in the GulfSomalia: An International Curtain CallThe Cycle Begins to ReverseBush: In RetrospectNotesWilliam Jefferson Clinton: The Post-Cold War’s Inward LookClinton’s New World OrderThe Swing toward the Non-interventionist PoleRwanda—A Tragic Non-interventionHaiti and Presidential HesitancyNorth Korea—Military Threats and ConcessionsNotesBill Clinton and Reluctant Interventions into the BalkansBackground to the Balkan MorassBill Clinton and the Slow RescueBeing Drawn into the BalkansDayton and a Pax AmericanaKosovo: The Balkans’ Second RoundDodging International InvolvementIraq Finessed and Counterterrorism ShirkedThe Holiday from TerrorismNotesGeorge Walker Bush and the International OutreachSeptember 11 and the Return of American InterventionismCoalition BuildingRallying America’s AlliesAttacking AfghanistanThe Plunge into Nation-BuildingA Global Approach to Counter TerrorismNotesGeorge W. Bush’s Overstretch AbroadIraq—The War of Choice?The Rush to War in IraqA Striking First DoctrineThe Quest for Consent at Home and AbroadInvasion, Regime Change, and OccupationBush’s Other International InterventionsThe Pendulum Reverse with Iran, North Korea, and DarfurAmerica Punts Again: The Republic of Georgia and RussiaNotesBarack Hussein Obama and the New RetrenchmentAfghanistan: Searching for an ExitThe Middle East, Russia, and IranThe Afghanistan ReckoningDrones and Policy Deficit?Iraq AbandonedThe Pivot to Asia: Real or Imaginary?NotesBarack Obama: A Foreign Policy of DisengagementThe Arab Spring and US DisassociationLibya—Leading from BehindThe Post-Qaddafi LegacyThe Syrian SidestepChemical Weapons and Red LinesSyria, Iraq, and the Islamic State NetworkThe US Minimalist CounterIraq’s Implications for Afghanistan and YemenUkraine, Unconventional Warfare, and Unbridled RussiaThe US-Iran Nuclear DealNotesObservations on the Cycles in US Foreign PolicyHistorical Predictor?Back to the Future?NotesBibliography
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