Research Institute

  • • Understand the concepts and components of CBPR.
  • • Assess and leverage domains and key indicators of CBPR readiness for the partnership and potential research project.
  • • Integrate CBPR principles in grant proposals and research implementation.
  • • Communicate with audiences in both academic and community settings about CBPR principles and components.
  • • Implement a pilot CBPR initiative, and
  • • Build foundations for sustainability of the partnership and CBPR


identifying appropriate academic investigators to match community research interests.30

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences (NMHS) Center for Participatory Research holds a Summer Institute, Community Based Participatory Research Institute for Health: Indigenous and Critical Methodologies.31 The annual summer institute is intended for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, community partners, academic-community teams, and others. The institute explores how CBPR intersects with indigenous and critical methodologies, including the challenges for academic researchers and community members to discover knowledge for improved community health.31

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