A Manager's Low Self-Esteem and Indecisiveness as Deep-Rooted Personality Traits

Although Napoleon’s actions were planned long in advance, he could also adapt successfully to the pressures of the moment and act swiftly and decisively. Although today’s managers realize they must be strong minded, for personal and career reasons many are extremely sensitive to the dangers of a flawed decision.

They feel insecure about what is before them. And even should some be in the habit of acting with speed, the more they linger with the dangers of indecision, the more doubtful they become.

Making inclusive estimates beforehand, supported by all the available market intelligence, and thinking about your alternative courses of action, are the best remedies for indecisiveness. You thereby prepare yourself to take clear-thinking action at any given moment.

It is still more important to remember that almost the only advantage of the attack rests on its initial surprise. Speed and impetus are its strongest elements and are usually indispensable ... to the goal.


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