Psychographic Segmentation

This form of segmentation results from the application of psychographic variables, such as lifestyle, personality, and self-image. Banks, food manufacturers, liquor producers, and restaurants benefit from the advantages of psychographic segmentation.

You may be able to observe the behavioral nuances of distinct target groups on your own. For instance, you might notice how some groups that fit your customer profile live, spend, and behave. You can then explore the activities they get involved with, interests they pursue, and opinions they hold. If you wish to go into further depth on behavior, you may need the professional help of individuals trained in some aspects of the social sciences.

The intent here is to open your thinking to the variety of ways to look at customer groups, so that you can look for a decisive point when segmenting a market. Therefore, it is possible for you to use a form of l ifestyle segmentation by observing the behavior of distinct target groups.

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