Product Attributes

Product attributes include usage rates defined as nonuser, ex-user, potential user, first-time user, and regular user groups.

In practice, such information is further broken down to distinguish user groups as light, medium, and heavy users of the product. Often, heavy users of a product represent a relatively small share of total households or corporate buyers, yet account for the major portion of the sales volume in the market.

These breakdowns, in turn, would trigger different motivational appeals to improve the level of responsiveness from various segments. In other applications, companies with high market share might be especially eager to attract potential users, while smaller competitors with lower market share would devote their efforts to converting existing users.

Overall, you will find product attributes most practical in segmenting a market, and particularly applicable in deciding where to deploy a sales force, allocate budgets, prioritize product development projects, and direct promotional campaigns for a concentrated impact.

Strategy, besides indicating the decisive points, requires two things: First, that the principal mass of the force be moved against fractions of the enemy’s; second, that the best direction of movement be adopted, that is, one leading straight to the decisive points already known.


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