Native Agents

Native agents are the types of individuals with whom you would normally interact during professional gatherings. They tend to volunteer company information to satisfy their personal interests, make new contacts, and advance their careers. Often, they are somewhat uncaring about their respective company’s security. Or they were not cautioned about the dangers of revealing company secrets. You will find native agents in a variety of places. Trade shows serve as fertile venues for gathering intelligence from those individuals. It is also a place where competitors typically reveal extensive information through elaborate demonstrations about their products and then freely distribute literature overflowing with facts about pricing, backup services, logistics, and product specifications. Also, key executives from competitors’ organizations often present papers at open meetings, which detail sensitive information about upcoming products, services, and even market-entry plans. Then there is the Q&A period where the speaker, trying to further impress an audience, impulsively pours out classified information.

Another prime area for intelligence gathering is the familiar hospitality suite at trade shows and professional meetings where alcohol and talk flow freely. It is a site where security is often lax and everyone’s guard is down.

College classrooms represent another source of information, particularly where part-time instructors are also executives and use their respective companies as case examples. In reverse, students often reveal data about their companies through class presentations, term papers, and casual conversations.

The first essential is to estimate the character of the spy to determine if he is sincere, truthful, and really intelligent. Afterwards, he can be employed.

Sun Tzu

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