Government Agencies

Depending on your location, you can access an ample supply of information from government sources through direct access, service organizations, or over the Internet. These sources usually include a vast amount of data from national, regional, and local government offices. Most information is available simply for the asking, or at modest cost.

In some instances, information is available about types of work contracts previously awarded and to whom. Also, competitive information may be obtainable about which companies are currently bidding for new contracts, which provides valuable clues to the type of competitors eligible to bid.

Industry Studies

Management consultancies, universities, trade associations, individual consultants, and investment securities firms conduct industry studies. Also, specialized companies publish industry and competitive information, such as

  • • Data on a vast variety of products sold through retail outlets, television, magazines, and online
  • • Weekly family purchases of consumer products and information on home food consumption broken down by geography and demographics
  • • Reports of warehouse withdrawals to food stores in selected market areas
  • • Statistics on television and radio markets according to demographics, experiential lifestyles, and brand preferences
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