The consensus among many executives is that the purpose of corporate culture is to develop an internal work environment that encourages individuals to perform efficiently. Embedded in that belief should be a total awareness that “even after a defeat, there is always the possibility that a turn of fortune can be brought about by developing new sources of internal strength.”

What follows, therefore, is to revitalize your corporate culture so that it is aligned with the organization’s vision, objectives, and strategies, all of which are powered by “harmonious human relations,” and tuned to the dynamic forces that make up the competitive marketplace.

Cisco Systems, cited earlier, embodies such a culture with its intense attachment to customers, a total belief in employees as intellectual capital, and an energetic willingness to team up with outsiders to develop active partnerships.

By turning to corporate culture and using it as an additional managerial tool, you derive a significant competitive advantage. From a people viewpoint, you achieve high employee motivation and increase team cohesiveness. You, thereby, create an ironclad connection between competitive strategy and corporate culture.

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