The following list identifies a variety of barriers that could distort “a clear perception” of your goals and hamper your ability to clearly appraise the “human factors.”

Employees Remain Deficient in Skills

If your staff lacks the skills and discipline to implement plans, the effect can have dire consequences on your ability to defend your existing markets. The long-term outlook can be equally ominous if you are unable to successfully expand your reach into new markets or take advantage of fresh opportunities.

The key point is that, even where you have diligently followed good practices in developing competitive strategies, your chances of success are limited without skilled individuals to put forth the disciplined effort that makes the difference between success and mediocre performance. What should follow is that with fine-tuned skills and discipline, your staff has a better chance of resisting the pressures from the inevitable counteractions of competitors. That said, it remains your responsibility to provide for ongoing training to strengthen the skills of those who are going to carry out your plans.

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