Employees' Negative Perception of Managers

This is a difficult barrier to overcome, especially if employees perceive their manager is unable to make accurate decisions. As bad, the manager does not understand the potential threats—and is even unaware of missed opportunities. In turn, that realization can lead to a disturbing morale problem among the staff, which is another one of the “human factors” that can magnify further into a total loss of confidence.

What follows is that the negativity can transform into feelings of hopelessness, ranging from job loss to threats against the organization. Thus, if you observe any hint that your staff is losing confidence—or worse yet, they think the organization may be losing its way, you may have to deal with the negative consequences.

Therefore, make every effort to keep employees tuned in to evolving events, listen to their comments and gain a sense of their conversations, verify and flesh out information that is true, uncover false information and immediately squelch unfounded rumors with qualified information. Then set up a forum whereby employees offer their input and get them involved in the reasoning process that can lead to possible solutions, that is, strategies.

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