A Ponderous Corporate Culture

This can be a daunting barrier. Yet it is one that you must face as a leader if you are to “keep [your] head at times of exceptional stress.” It is discussed at length in Chapter 5. If the company’s culture places a drag on getting your projects moving, or if it is functioning at too slow a pace to keep up with changing market conditions, then you have choices.

First, if you are in a position to make a wholesale change in the corporate culture to keep in tune with the prevailing conditions in your industry, then you have a decided advantage to get the organization in sync with the competitive environment. Whereas, if you are not in a senior position to make changes, your best approach is to adapt your plans to the existing culture. Second, you can attempt changes in the subculture, meaning a smaller business unit of the organization. (Review Chapter 5 for techniques to make changes.) This pathway is probably more doable for most managers.

The key point is that whichever approach you take, you should make certain there is an alignment of your business plan with the corporate culture.

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