Inadequate Self-Development

One of the identifiable characteristics of a well-run organization is raising individuals to a level where they have skills to take on “responsibilities commensurate with their abilities.” That includes a workable system for ongoing learning, career advancement, and self-development, which heightens morale and cultivates all the ingredients that go into a company’s value system.

This barrier aligns with the intrinsic importance of developing your human capital. As Sun Tzu wisely points out: “Do not charge people to do what they cannot do.”

Minimal Self-Confidence

Lack of self-confidence shows up as indecisiveness, lack of vision, overcaution, or unwillingness to attack a problem or pursue an opportunity with vigor and boldness. There are too many signs of such negative behavior to hide this human flaw from employees.

Like an affliction, such damaging mannerisms can spread to all those who are exposed to them. If the lack of self-confidence cannot be converted to a positive attitude through self-motivation and outside assistance, the manager should step down before any further damage is done.

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