Inferior Communication Skills

A major deterrent to maintaining morale is an inability to maintain superior communication capabilities. You should find out which forms of communication maximize interactions. The choices are many, from electronic devices and social media to one-on-one contact.

For instance, to encourage productive communications, BMW relocates many of its engineers, designers, and managers to its central research and innovation center to design cars. Face-to-face team contact reduces late- stage conflicts and speeds development times.

There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited.

Sun Tzu


One of the sure ways to dampen morale is by unwarranted delays and general patterns of procrastination that leave junior managers and field personnel frustrated (see Chapter 2). Fast-changing consumer demands, global outsourcing, open-source software, near-instant movement of capital across oceans, and electronic transfers of knowledge from the field to decision-making executives at headquarters make procrastination a dangerous managerial trait. It leads to “protracted” campaigns from which you may never benefit.

Consequently, with the pace of innovation increasing exponentially, new technologies spawning new industries and disrupting old ones, and communication networks being created with astonishing speed, delays are a perilous detriment in almost every type of business and competitive scenario.

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