Volatile Conduct

Of worrisome concern is unpredictable behavior that is inconsistent with market conditions. Employees can understand the need for a flexible managerial style or even a certain amount of eccentricity, if it is understood and accepted as part of a manager’s inherent personality. However, they are unable to tolerate inconsistency and sudden erratic displays, particularly if there is no apparent reason for what could be perceived as unacceptable behavior.


If your team lacks drive and is easily discouraged, you can use the action steps that follow to activate a morale advantage. In many instances the morale problem radiates from poor leadership skills, which calls for selfexamination to pinpoint weaknesses.

In other cases, remedying the faults may be out of your hands, due possibly to the lack of involvement from the highest levels of management, compensation problems, career advancement concerns, and similar issues. Some of the obstacles to building morale are listed below: [1]

  • • Few initiatives for self-improvement or chances for advancement
  • • A work environment that does not encourage innovative and creative thinking (see the examples above of companies that successfully encouraged these qualities)
  • • Demotivators, such as job boredom, unfairness, casting blame, lack of recognition, and clamping down on mistakes
  • • Employees who are doubtful of management’s true commitment to keeping up with changes in its industry, as well as the global marketplace

When using troops, one must take advantage of the situation exactly as if he were setting a ball in motion on a steep slope. The force applied is minute but the results are enormous.

Sun Tzu

  • [1] Employees’ lack of trust in the manager’s ability to make correct andtimely decisions • Executives’ failure to view self-confidence as a powerful motivator tomove individuals forward • Lack of a meaningful effort toward creating group unity throughcollaborative planning and team building (see the examplesdescribed above of companies that successfully built group unity) • Inadequate communication systems for employees to voice theiropinions and discuss product ideas, or the likelihood that ideas maybe dismissed without explanation
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