The most significant outcomes of those winning company performances referred to earlier were the ways in which those executives harnessed their human resources. Specifically, the results related to the employees’ states of mind, which reflected in their attitudes and overall ways of thinking.

The mind can be compared to a deep pool of possibilities set in motion by thoughts that come to the surface as intuitive insights. These can be positive or negative, depending on the input of the controlling beliefs. And they can be influenced to the extent to which executive leadership displays the “qualities of wisdom, sincerity, humanity, courage, and strictness.”

In turn, the outcomes shape an individual’s core behavior. On the positive side, insights can lead to innovative thinking that translates to competitive advantage and bold new opportunities, as in the above company examples. On the negative side, insights that are chained to fear produce pessimistic attitudes that can strangle creativity, shut down ideas, and blind the individual to problem-solving possibilities.

To assist you in taking a broad look at behavior and the possibilities of changing mind-sets and attitudes, consider the guidelines that follow. The aim, then, is to inspire those who are generally positive and compliant, the not-so-compliant, individuals with negative feelings, and even persons with insubordinate behavior.

From a managerial viewpoint, the purpose of the following review is to bind your employees’ hearts and minds to “gain victories and secure deserved laurels” when they face the inevitable competitive battles that lie ahead.

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