Recognize That Employees Harbor Ingrained Habits

There is substantial harm to employee morale if negative habits are left unattended. Make every effort to break those habits, which often are inclined toward damaging feelings, fears, and a lack of confidence. Do all you can to convince them not to make the same mistake as others who prematurely give up trying to change because they feel stuck in their behavior.

Demonstrate to them that if they truly want to, and are willing to work hard enough, they can overcome undesirable habits. Here is where

190 • How to Outthink, Outmaneuver, and Outperform Your Competitors


Areas in which Behavioral Specialists Provide Assistance

Conduct individual and group coaching

Analyze and advise on complex personnel issues related to inner feelings and external behavior

Conduct needs assessments to define training objectives

Match the right person to the right job

Communicate company vision, objectives, and cultural values

Monitor the workforce during the development of business plans and competitive strategies

Perform damage control due to employee performance rising out of difficult competitive conditions

discipline plays a positive role. In effect, it is a test designed for them to exercise freedom of choice. The issue, then, is for them to choose wisely.

Your best approach is to set up (or recommend) a program to deal with negativity. Where possible, utilize outside specialists. Specify a clear-cut objective to help individuals resist pessimistic thoughts. Often, they can direct the process to clear the blockages that prevent implementing your business plan (see Table 9.1).

By taking such positive action to harness your human capital, you acknowledge that your people are a major influence in market performance. And, as important, they function as key competitive differentiators.

Consequently, where the profit motive normally drives major decisions, the more urgent considerations for you, and the intentions of this book, are the behavioral issues of your personnel.

The power to recognize your chance and take it is of more use than anything else.


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