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A short course of lectures
«Quick Win Economics»

Q46. What are the major '-isms' in economics?Q33. What is economic geography?Q38. What is the economic definition of risk - and how does it differ from uncertainty?Q90. Should we tax more or less?Q88. What is a demographic transition and will it affect my pension, or hurt my children's chances in life?Q22. What is equilibrium?Q8. What is marginal analysis?Q47. What is the macro-economy?Q72. What is the business cycle?Q101. How could I spend my money to have the greatest benefit on the economy as a whole?Q83. How does a government create money?Q95. Why is there unemployment and how can it be reduced?Q41. How does a business decide how much to produce?Q44. What is break-even analysis?Q79. What is the money supply?Q75. What is economic inequality?Q100. Why does a change in central bank lending rates affect my mortgage?Q49. How are the parts of the economy connected together?Q13. Why do economists assume people are rational?Q52. What is deflation and why is it so worrying?Q4. What are economic indicators?Q56. Why don't Big Macs cost the same in every country?Q37. What are good sources of economic data?Q73. How fast should an economy grow?Q40. How does the behavioural theory of the business explain how businesses work?Q18. What is a deadweight loss?Q96. What is the trickle-down theory?Q50. What is inflation?Q54. Why does the same amount of money buy less today than when I was a child?Q42. How do businesses know how much to increase prices for a product or service?Q55. What determines the exchange rate between currencies?Q97. How do organisations like the World Trade Organisation influence world trade?Q82. What is a bank and how does it create money?Q89. Can an individual ever beat the market?Q68. What are government debts and why do they matter?Q31. What is an index?Q86. Is advertising a good thing?Q78. What is money and why is it useful?Q10. What is utility?Q32. What is arbitrage?MACROECONOMICSQ66. Why do import / export tariffs matter for free trade?Q85. What is a poverty trap and how can people get out of one?Q48. What is an economy's capital stock? Why does it matter?ECONOMICS ESSENTIALSQ94. Why does everyone want to buy a house?Q27. What is aggregate demand / supply?Q2. What is an economic model?ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSQ20. What is the 'market'?Q12. Why do economists focus on the consumer?Q21. What is market failure?Q3. What are variables - and which matter most?APPLIED ECONOMICSQ57. If the government devalues the currency, will this help my business?Q51. What is hyperinflation?Q65. Why does comparative advantage mean that free trade is almost always better than restricted trade?Q11. What is a price?Q76. What is the paradox of thrift?Q80. Can the government manage the economy through monetary policy?Q29. What is a barrier to entry or exit?Q25. What is market structure?Q53. How do businesses decide which projects to fund, and which ones to drop?Q63. What is globalisation?Q19. What are economic incentives and why do people react to them?MICROECONOMICSQ93. Why does increased productivity matter for an economy?Q59. What is an economic and monetary union?Q98. How do taxes impact the market?Q6. What are the factors of production?Q5. How do economists think about costs?Q91. Could the government help the economy to recover by reducing taxes?Q87. How would economists deal with pollution?Q81. What are interest rates and why do they matter?Q64. Does free trade work?Q70. What is Gross Domestic Product?Q24. What are comparative statics?Q14. What is bounded rationality?Q61. What is a labour market?Q43. What happens to demand for gin when the price of tonic changes?Q26. Why do monopolies matter?Q39. What is risk aversion?Q69. What is liquidity?Q99. How do reductions in Government spending affect the economy?Q35. Why do economists use graphs?Q28. Why are the supply chains of some companies more connected than others?Q16. What is consumer surplus?Q84. Can the government ever really manage the economy?Q60. Why are cartels banned in most countries?Q30. What is game theory and how does it help to make people better off?Q62. What is the balance of payments?ECONOMIC POLICYQ9. What is opportunity cost?Q23. What are excess supply and excess demand?Q1. What is economics?Q36. Why do economists use equations and functions to explain their theories?Q34. What is an economic identity?Q45. What are diminishing returns?ABOUT THE AUTHORQ74. What is economic development?Q92. Could we ever have a zero inflation economy?Q67. What is economic efficiency?Q58. Why does every country have a central bank? What does it do?Q17. What is producer surplus?Q7. What is 'rent'?Q71. What is the GDP deflator?Q15. Why are expectations important?Q77. Why does fiscal policy matter?
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