Marking the End of the Intermediate Phase

As this phase ends, members are acutely aware that the group will soon end, which may arouse considerable anxiety. The therapist can formally end this phase by saying something like:

Today’s session marks the end of the intermediate phase of treatment. Part of what we need to do today is reflect on what you have achieved in your goals and to express any feelings about ending this stage. We still have time to work on your goals, so you can spend some time today talking about what you have left to do. It’s also important to comment on the changes that you see in each other and to discuss the feelings that accompany that aspect of your work together.

It is imperative that all group members participate in this discussion, relaying their concerns about termination and associated feelings, and outlining what they still need to accomplish. The therapist should work to keep the discussion productive and positive, carrying this sentiment through to the termination phase of treatment.

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