Termination Phase (Two or Three Individual Sessions)

Termination of inpatient treatment takes usually about one inpatient week and means separating not only from the therapist but also from other patients, the treatment team, and a protective, caretaking environment. Emotions surrounding the termination of therapy may be stronger and more complex in inpatients than in outpatients. In extreme cases (e.g., after an extended hospital stay) discharge itself can be dealt with as a role transition. An important goal of termination is to create a smooth transition from full hospital care to outpatient treatment. Most German clinics offer post-hospital treatment programs for two additional weeks where patients can finish inpatient groups or other interventions as outpatients. Outpatient psychotherapy paradoxically usually consists of either CBT or psychodynamic therapy, as only these modalities are reimbursed by the German public health insurance system. Privately insured patients or patients in a special health insurance program usually continue with outpatient IPT.

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