Myths Regarding Child Molesters, Child Molestation, and Child Victims

There are many myths about child molesters, the process of an offender eroding boundaries to molest the child, and the characteristics of child molestation victims. For example, many (wrongly) believe that child molesters are "boogeymen," who don't appear to be normal (One with Courage, n.d.). Chapter 4 discusses research regarding the characteristics of child molesters, the process involved, and victim characteristics. You will learn that child molesters are a diverse group of offenders. Some choose employment based on their access to children. Also, characteristics of the child-molestation process vary, and there is a wide range of victims.

Myths Regarding Child Pornographers, Child Pornography, and Victims of Child Pornography

One may (wrongly) believe that the child-pornography industry is small and that the victims of child pornography are not harmed to the same degree as victims of hands-on crimes (Pulido, 2013). Neither of these myths is true. In Chapter 5, you will learn that child pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the victims are harmed through sharing of pornographic images, and, again, offender characteristics vary considerably.

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